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CTV News Montreal

“She says it’s not just about the experiences of kids of colour, but also those who bully them. If faces like hers were more equally represented in media, she reasons, her peers would have developed more tolerance and acceptance towards others.”  Read More

By: Iman Kassam

Huffington Post Canada Gift Guide

“Created by Canadian designer Danielle Murrell Cox in 2017, Black Colouring Books feature minimalist illustrations of people that represent Danielle…” Read More

By: Chloe Tejada

Radio-Canada (VF)

“Le manque de diversité au sein des jouets et des livres à colorier a des impacts sur les enfants issus des minorités visibles. Par ses livres à colorier, l’illustratrice Danielle Murrell Cox, permet aux jeunes noirs de s’identifier et de se célébrer avec fierté.”  Read More

By: Myriam Eddahia

International Business Times UK

“After uploading images onto her Instagram page and receiving positive responses, she decided to draw more and more avatars and create a book for them all. Not approached by any external publishers, she designed, created it and self-published it on her website.”  Read More

By Ruchira Sharma

What A Time to Be Online Podcast (WATTBO)

“Danielle Murrell Cox, author of Black Queens Colouring book (a book featuring avatars of often underrepresented POCs) is a talented Montreal graphic artist who took the idea of being herself unrepresented in the colouring book world an ran with it. From conception to book signing, (and with a little help from the internet!) here’s how she made it happen.” — Listen Here

Podcast Hosted By: Naskademini & Marcus Troy


Adobe Live: 2-Day Stream

Join Illustrator Danielle Murrell Cox on Adobe Live as she brings a character and story to life. Using a photo as reference, Danielle will sketch her character in Fresco before adding color & text in Illustrator. Learn how she conveys emotion through custom fonts and thoughtful color choices, and stick around for part two to see how she incorporates the final illustration into a poster design.

Watch Day 1

Watch Day 2

Hosted By: Anna Daviscourt

CBC News Radio: The Next Chapter Show

“‘My biggest inspiration for writing this book is just based off of my own life. I am Black. Growing up as a kid, you don’t really think of it when you’re young — but as you get older, you realize you don’t have those types of influences or visuals growing up.'” — Listen Here

McGill University

Black Hisotry Month 2021 Illustration & Poster

“Created by danielle murrell cox, this year’s poster for Black History Month reflects the important aspect of community and connectedness when it comes to healing and what it can look like for everyone to be seen, included, and valued.” Read More

By Neale McDevitt

CBC ‘Our Montreal’

“From Instagram to plush toys, Danielle Murrell Cox’s work has taken on a life of its own. What is it about her that connects with so many people?”  —  Watch Here

Hosted By: Catherine Verdon-Diamond

Breakfast Television (now CityNews)

“It’s something people of colour often face: a lack of diversity when it comes to avatars and online representation. Graphic designer Danielle Murrell Cox is doing something about it.” —  Watch Here

Hosts: Catherine Verdon-Diamond & Derick Fage

Vice (FR)

“Lorsqu’elle a pris conscience de l’absence de personnes de couleur dans la littérature pour enfants de sa jeunesse, la graphiste Danielle Murrell Cox a créé le livre à colorier Black Queens.” — Read More

By: Luca Max